Monday, 30 November 2009

To dos and to do not's. (lists)

To dos:
Keep drawing for submissions for an illustration book
Get into work without having to march like a nazi on speed
Drink more green tea
Use the wardrobe instead of the floor
Work out how to go about repaying my student loan
Watch Fantastic Mr.Fox
Dig my camera out again before I forget how to use it

To do nots:
Feel like a twat at my first proper 'office christmas party'
Keep whining about how the cold makes my shoulder seize up
Get a creative block
Get lazy just because it gets dark at 4pm
Watch that Saatchi program again (although in reality I probably will, to make myself feel better while I eat alone on my couch)
Forget to put away the washing I just did (kitchen&clothes)
Accidentally listen to George Lamb


  1. lol.

    I need to see Fantastic Mr.Fox too! Maybe I'll visit leicester (or wherever it is you are) n we can go n see it together

  2. That would make my month, if you ever are down here give me a shout and we'll have a meet up!