Sunday, 15 November 2009

Holla for da Dolla.

Came into some money finally so I decided to treat myself a bit, got these amazing etnies mid-tops which may be the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

I also had a good shop around and ended up being completely amazed at Zara's new menswear stuff, I've not been in for a while and it seems to have re-positioned itself as more of a H&M for slightly older people. They've dropped their prices and their output is just better! Ended up buying a pair of really dark navy waxed jeans, they've got a lovely light denim on the inside so when you turn them up they look amazing! I also bought a really nice plaid shirt with the killer touch of having elbow patches, been waiting ages to see a shirt with them on. Got it quite large though so it goes better with skinny jeans and just so it looks a little different to EVERY other lad who's wearing a plaid shirt at the minute. That's almost all lads everywhere.


  1. Ohh how I miss my Etnies. Real shoes for living in proper. Don't want none of these pussy shoes that can't take a curb scuffin'.

  2. You can't beat an elbow patch.