Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas List

This is my Christmas List, if all this stuff manages to turn up on the day I could be persuaded into not hating this time of year!

Number 1. The Olympus Pen.

Despite having Kevin Spacey ruining his career in a particularly bad advert for this, I've wanted one of these since I heard it was being re-issued as a digital. Beautiful little thing isn't it?

2. This t-shirt.

I bloody love a good t-shirt and this is an example of a good t-shirt that I bloody love. I've no idea who it's by or anything. Doesn't stop me bloody loving it though.

3. A vintage watch.

I love watches like this, I think it stems from the whole Madmen style thing. There's no way you'd get me in a suit so this bad lad is proabably as far as I'd go. Shame.

4. Daisy Lowe

Well you could probably narrow it down to any girl at the minute but Daisy is still my number 1 and I can't see that changing, ever.

5. This Lanvin Shirt.

Just look at it, all you need to see is that collar. Lanvin Menswear is mint.

5. This dinner.

As a wheat intolerant kind of chap, it's incredibly lucky I buzz off this food.

6. Element x Krabo fixed gear bike

I'm saving up to put one of these together for next year but if I happen across some dolla somehow in the meantime I would make sure I got one of these. It's amazing.

This is all. For now.

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