Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Hey there! Howdi! Wotcha! Ermm....

Posting's going to get a little bit erratic over the next couple of weeks as I'm bouncing between being hungover (my birthday today), being hugely busy at work (designing the shit out of Tesco's nightwear and uvver stuff), getting on with my illustration project (that will hopefully see the light of day soon, although don't bet on it) and next week I'm going to Berlin!!!!!!   HO11a!!!  For some of this:-

And this:-

And a whole load o' this:-

On the upside I'm finally getting a camera to plug the gap (in my memories from the 25th - 29th of March, WHAT UP?!?!?............. no-one??) till I can afford a proper one again. So you'll have to put up with less shite phone camera images.

So yeah, that cool? Nope? I'll probably post some stuff in the meantime too though. I'm just saying erratic. k? k.

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