Thursday, 11 February 2010

McQueen is Dead, Long Live McQueen.

Yesterday I deleted a post I'd been writing called 'Alexander McQueen and why you should give a shit.' I deleted it because I was struggling to articulate why it was that I loved him and his work so much. He was a hero, he was one of my main inspirations and it was the only place I ever really wanted to work. I was offered a chance to do a placement with him but was offered a job and due to money (lack thereof) I had to take the job instead of the placement, I figured that I'd always have the chance later on. I won't. His no bullshit attitude and huge work ethic made him what he was and it's horrible that he's passed on.

Alexander McQueen
17th March 1969 - 11th February 2010


  1. i still can't believe it.
    well said - one of my coursemates and good friends was there on placement in november-ish...


  2. McQueen is dead. Long live McQueen!

  3. I can't take it in really...
    I got really disillusioned about the whole fashion industry but McQueen was just pure raw talent, I could never have lost any respect for him.
    Lost for words, to be honest. x