Monday, 8 February 2010

Lack of posting.

I'm afraid my lack of posting boils down to the colliding factors of having LOADS on at work and the main reason of the girl who's free internet I was stealing moving out and taking it with her, how dare she? I mean what a complete bitch.

But in other news I've now booked my holidays which are taking me to Berlin at the end of march and Swaziland (yeah I had to check Google maps too) end of July start of August. Not a bad couple of destinations that, need to get a camera sharpish! Can't really trust a memory thats riddled with more holes than a condom after you've pissed off an ex.

Had my first trip to Leicester's Brighton Beach with a surprise crowd of Tom, Mark, Mike and Sam. Great music, hot girls and enough booze to kill a Scottish town = a GREAT NIGHT. Ended with me shouting abuse at a girl driving one of those anti-rape buses, another high point of my life...

I'm sure y'all can top that with your levels of excitement so comment and one up me. k?

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