Friday, 1 January 2010

The last decade.

I started aged 12.

The last year for me mainly involved finishing uni and going into the real world. The end of my first proper relationship and learning how to be single.

Graduated, got some great feedback for my final project which I think I needed because I felt like I'd been dragged through the shit a bit by my tutor. My university then chose one of my designs to represent the school of Art and Design on their christmas card which was a really big deal for me because I knew a lot of people who I thought it should have been.

Got a proper design job in the middle of a recession, which means I actually now draw pictures for a living. I also found out that if it hadn't have been for an artist who lived down the street I wouldn't have been allowed to go and do an art foundation course and wouldn't be where I am now. So thankyou for that.

But the last decade involved a whole load of work.

Got my first magazine cover (that I designed) and had designs produced by Topman. Ended the decade by Tesco putting in a 13,000 order for my designs too. Pretty amazing considering I got a D in Art at A-level (but to be fair to them I was a bit of a nightmare student). Here's to the next decade ey? Maybe I'll have my own company or something who knows?

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