Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Interviews.

Had interviews for my first proper job in the last week, one on Monday and another on Friday. This involved a hell of a lot of travelling as Leicester is a LONG way away.

I was pretty confident after my first interview, not cocky but I thought I'd impressed. I'm able to do pretty much all of the things that they asked about so I thought I was alright on the technical side of things.

Well sure enough I heard back fairly shortly afterwards and they asked me to come down for another interview as soon as I could, I managed to sort one for the Friday. Washington Job Centre helped out masssssssively and paid for both sets of tickets which was pretty ace because they were about 50 beans a time.

I got offered the job after the interview on Friday which was pretty amazing but then it all got pretty real about the fact that I was actually going to have to move to Leicester where I don't know anyone and 'begin my career'. This meant travelling down again on the Saturday to try and find somewhere to live. Luckily thanks to a tip off from @sirfrancissnake I managed to find a really nice bit to live in, around the Queens Rd area.

But then that meant travelling down again on the Monday to view houses and I did eventually manage to view one which turned out to be pretty big and exactly what I needed so I snapped his fucking hand off for it. I was pretty exhausted by this point and just sat and nodded while the waves of legal jargon washed around my head like an oil slick around one of those cute white seal pups that get clubbed to death.

AAAAnyway, paperworks all done I think. Parents helped me out massively with the rent and fees and all the rest of it because being unemployed for this long has left me finances on the bones of their arse.

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